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I went to the “just say OUI event”. This conference supported the Paris Climate Change Accords at the Local Level. The conference included panelist that discussed various perspective about the topic. The keynote speaker that participated in the event was Stefanos Polyzoides. He is an architect and urban planner based in Pasadena. He received his […]

Assignment 7

I think I learned a lot of new information in Gabor Mate’s video. When I first thought about ADHD or illness in general I would have never imagined it would be impacted through our society. I thought that people were born with these illness. In a sense the video explained that the illness does start […]

Assignment 6

The video RIP! A Remix Manifest is about the copyright laws that have been affected by previous laws and have been carried to present day regulations towards copyright. One lawyer that has been trying to start a movement to prevent the lawsuits on several people, is Lawrence Lessig. He is passionate about using other people’s work because […]

Assignment 5

  Johnson’s reading was broken into three parts throughout his chapter. The first section explains the emergent world’s achievements which goes into details of the colony behaviors of social insects such as ants and termites. The second section is specifically trying to understand emergence through examples related to today. The third section focuses on artificial […]

Assignment 4

  I focused on the required reading by Jane Jacobs. When I first heard about Jane Jacobs it was in my Evolution of American Cities and the Planning Movement class last quarter. My perspective at the time was seeing Jane Jacobs as an influential person in Urban planning. She began advocating for a place-based, community-centered […]

Assignment 3

  I really enjoyed the optional Ted Talks they were relatable but the videos were also full of different perspective and new lessons that I never knew. The inner girl was mind blowing to see that girl’s values in different countries were worth less than goats and cows. Especially hearing the story about the girl […]

Assignment 2

I decided to talk about my reaction toin the additional option videos section. So in class we discussed that regenentive has multiple words that fall under its category to help define what regenerative truly means. In class we discuss that it could be identified as holism, diversity, integrated, participatory and polyculture. But overall I think […]