Assignment 11X

On climate change, Listen to Pope Francis, Not Jeb Bush The article explains the reasons why political figure have disregarded Pope Francis words on climate change due to his status quo.  Jeb Bush rejected Francis’s response because of he is a religious leader and not a scientist. But what these political figures did not know […]

Assignment 10

In Polanyi’s notes he talks about the separation between society and the environment. Through these two divisions he exemplifies the idea that economy forgets to apply social rules such as morals. While in the division of society is only focused on the maximum gain of oneself. Integrating both of these divisions was not prominent till […]

Community Service// Blog Makeup

Town and Gown Event The town and Gown event was a bike ride that was meant to enhance a bike friendly environment on the Cal Poly Pomona Campus and the city of Pomona. The ride began at the Cal Poly Pomona Police station and ended in Ganesha Park in the city of Pomona. The bike […]

Assignment 9

Peter Linebaugh talks about the history and the rights of the commons. He mentions that during the year the Magna Carta was signed England recently have been invaded by the Normans coming from France. The migrated trying to claim all the forest in order to use it as a hunting ground. Not only was concern […]

Community Service// Blog Makeup

I went to the “just say OUI event”. This conference supported the Paris Climate Change Accords at the Local Level. The conference included panelist that discussed various perspective about the topic. The keynote speaker that participated in the event was Stefanos Polyzoides. He is an architect and urban planner based in Pasadena. He received his […]

Assignment 7

I think I learned a lot of new information in Gabor Mate’s video. When I first thought about ADHD or illness in general I would have never imagined it would be impacted through our society. I thought that people were born with these illness. In a sense the video explained that the illness does start […]

Assignment 6

The video RIP! A Remix Manifest is about the copyright laws that have been affected by previous laws and have been carried to present day regulations towards copyright. One lawyer that has been trying to start a movement to prevent the lawsuits on several people, is Lawrence Lessig. He is passionate about using other people’s work because […]